ld-edge-assessmentsPsychologist Sharon Hogan, M.A. has been assessing for learning disabilities for over 20 years. A pre-screening process first occurs, then an appointment for testing is made. Testing takes 2 hours, and includes a follow up that explains the disability if present, and some tactics in overcoming that barrier.

For adults attending our Test Prep and Test Anxiety workshops by means of bus, we will reimburse them with a 1-day bus pass. Also, if we’re working with an adult on a career plan that involves getting on the bus almost daily, we will make these available to ensure they can get to their interviews, classes, or appointments.

If he/she is a student, these services are recommended for success, and will involve the most commitment: (1) Attending a workshop that educates them on their disability, (2) Test Prep/ Test Anxiety workshops, as well as (3) one-on-one tutoring with a specially trained tutor.

A one-year partnership involves dual-monitoring of each client, paying attention to attendance, test scores, educational levels, and adjusting services to produce the most beneficial outcome for that client and their family.