The D.A.M. Program

Diagnose, Apply, Motivate

This process involves three components to understanding your learning disability, and identifying the best way for you to learn for the rest of your life.

    1. Pre-assessment to determine the actual need for a diagnosis.
    2. Actual Diagnostic services with a follow up consultation.
  2. APPLY:
    1. Provides workshops on your specific LD, Test Anxiety and Test Prep technique.
    2. Help obtaining accommodations.
    3. Specialized Tutors are available, or we can refer you to a partner tutoring site.
    1. A year’s worth of goal setting and direction on how to reach those goals. We have a full network of services for the adult.


    The D.A.M. Program

    Level 1 – One-Year Membership: $7,000


    • One LD Workshop for the diagnosed to learn about their disability and how to work with it.
    • FREE Test Prep, Test Anxiety, and Test Taking workshops for all your students.
    • 20 Weeks of One-on-One Tutoring for LD clients, or program referrals where needed.
    • One year of monitoring and support to help each diagnosed adult reach their goals.
    • Bus passes are given to clients who are struggling to get to jobs, tutoring, or other educational/vocational programs.

    Recommended Ancillary Onsite Workshops: $400 per hour per Workshop

    Professional Development Workshops for staff, teachers, and tutors.
    Pick and Choose from the following topics:

    Introduction to Learning Disabilities:

    • Assessing to Identify Indicators of Learning Disabilities
    • Definitions, Types, Causes, and it’s Prevalence in Adult Literacy
    • Understanding Students with Learning Disabilities, and Learning Disorders
    • Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) – the definition, and the areas under the SLD umbrella; how it is diagnosed and treated as well as strategies for assisting students in achieving academic goals.

    Specific Learning Disabilities:

    • Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia
    • The Four Categories of Nonverbal LD’s
    • Dyslexia
    • Visual Perceptual / Visual Motor

    Learning Disorders:

    • Auditory Processing Disorders
    • Executive Functioning Disorders
    • Dyspraxia
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • ADHD and Other Issues that Co-Exist with LD’s

    Other Issues:

    • Interventions and Resources – Trends in designing and using instruction for adults with LD’s.
    • Accessibility, Accommodations, and Assistive Technologies

    Level 2 – One-Year Membership:


    Non-Profit under $100,000 Budget:   $100
    Non-Profit over $100,000 Budget:               $350
    Non-Profit Over $300,000:   $500

    • Consultation & Pre-Assessment of Students/Employees
    • Free Introductory workshop on Test Anxiety OR Test Prep techniques
    • Aid in Developing the LD expertise in your organization
    • Accommodations Aid for students
    • Reduced rate on workshops.

The D.A.M. Program A La Carte Service Pricing:

  • Consultation & Pre-Assessment: $50/person
  • Diagnosis: $300/person
  • LD/Dyslexia-focused Workshops for Tutors/Teachers: $400/hour
  • Student Workshops on Remembering, Test Taking / Anxiety / Trauma = $200 each
  • One-on-one specialized Tutoring: $60/hour
  • Career Interest / Skills Test and Evaluation: $50/person