Have You Asked Yourself?

  1. Why can’t I move up a reading level faster?
  2. Why can’t I understand how numbers work?
  3. Why don’t I comprehend what this story is about?
  4. How am I going to pass this test?

We understand your frustration…

Not only are you frustrated, but you’re probably also a little scared, discouraged, and sometimes feel hopeless.

The LD Edge Network wants to help you break down those barriers and challenges.

Why get tested for a learning disability?

If you’ve been experiencing these frustrating feelings, the answer might be as simple as a phone call. You are not incapable of learning. Everyone has a different way of learning, and some have larger barriers than others. But by getting diagnosed, you will finally know what that barrier is and we will teach you how to overcome it.

With a Learning Disability diagnosis, you will be eligible for special accommodations on tests and possibly other services that will further help you on this road to a career.

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This process involves three components to understanding your learning disability, and identifying the best way for you to learn for the rest of your life.

  1. DIAGNOSIS: Pre-assessment to determine the actual need for a diagnosis, actual diagnostic services, and follow up.
  2. APPLY: Workshops on your specific LD, Test Anxiety and Test Prep technique. Help obtaining accommodations.
    • Specialized Tutors are available, or we can refer you to a partner tutoring site.
  3. MOTIVATION: A year’s worth of goal setting and direction on how to reach those goals.
    • We have a full network of services for the adult.
    • Other Screening Referrals

Think you might have other impairments? We have connections with other organizations in the area that can screen for audio and visual impairments.

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Diagnostic Services

We have our own qualified psychologist who can screen and test an adult for a learning disability. Sharon Hogan, M.A. has been a licensed School Psychologist since 1998. In addition, she is an adjunct professor at Cuyahoga Community College and presently teaches Human Development and Educational Psychology. Pricing varies based on the income level of the student

Specialized Tutoring

If you need special one-on-one tutoring, we have a network of specially trained tutors who can work with you two hours a week for 20 weeks. These techniques you learn will help for a lifetime. Payment for these services is based on a sliding scale.

Workshops for Students

Test Prep and Test Anxiety workshops are a must-do for every student. These can be used every time you prepare for that test. These techniques will help you to study more affectively, and help keep your fears and emotions in check during the stress of a test.

Introductory workshops on learning disabilities and disorders, the differences, and how this can be affecting your learning. Plus, we offer specific workshops on each LD and how to customize your approach to learning.