Who We Serve?


The Adult with a Learning Disability/Disorder

We’re committed to not only finding out what their barrier to learning is, but also to breaking it down. With the D.A.M Program, after diagnosis, we offer workshops, tutoring, and career/goal setting assistance to help him/her learn more effectively and reach their goals.


Educational Institutions & Career Programs

We have very similar goals: To offer people in poverty equal opportunities to increase their employability, and to bring flourishing, safe neighborhoods to Northeast Ohio. We want to partner with you to focus on the root problem for adults with learning disabilities, and to increase retention through small but consistent successes.



Productivity, ROI, Employee Retention: Maximizing these things is a goal for every company. We can help you obtain this with your learning disabled employees, as well as provide workshops for staff to both understand this issue, and how an employee can be more productive given the needed accommodations.